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Convenient Rooftop Parking

There is ample parking on our rooftop with our 105 car parking spaces. 

We have 6 disabled bays and 4 parent and child bays and there is lift access from the car park to shop level.


It is free to park for one hour and remember you pay on exit!


Our parking at Gosforth is ran and managed by YourParkingSpace.

Further details and how to contact them should you need to is outlined below.

How to pay

Pay for your parking session via one of the payment options below:

  • Payment Kiosk (Card/Cash)
  • Express Payment (no app required)
  • AutoPay

Ways to pay for parking:

Parking at Gosforth Shopping Centre is managed by our parking partner, Your Parking Space.

How it works.

The car parks are operated by a barrierless Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system. Simply drive in and park, and when you’re ready to leave, pay for your parking session via one of the available payment methods.

Important: You must know your vehicle registration to pay for parking. 

Pay when you’re leaving

There are various ways to pay for your parking session when you’re ready to leave the centre:

  • Payment Kiosk- When you are ready to leave, enter your registration number at one of our payment kiosks and follow the prompts to make payment by card or cash and request a receipt (if you’d like one). Note: All kiosks accept cash and card payments.
  • Pay By Mobile: YourParkingSpace app- Download the YourParkingSpace app here to pay using Gosforth Shopping Centre's location ID 1798037613 or Site ID 11613
  • Parking QR Code- When you’re ready to leave the centre, use your smartphone to scan any of the Parking QR codes found on parking signage throughout the car park and centre. This code will link you to YourParkingSpace’s web checkout allowing you to make your parking payment in under 20 seconds.

For parking enquiries or for assistance please visit the contact us page on the Your Parking Space website. Contact Us | YourParkingSpace

Parking tariff

0-1 hour FREE
1-2 hours £1.00
2-3 hours £1.50
3-4 hours £2.00
4-6 hours £4.00
6-8 hours £7.00
8-24 hours £15.00
24-48 hours £30.00

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 07:00 to 21:00
Saturday 07:00 to 20:00
Sunday 07:00 to 17:00

Parking is subject to YourParkingSpace standard Terms and Conditions as displayed throughout the car park.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact regarding an issue with the car parking?

The car park is run by YourParkingSpace, if you have any issues; forgotten to pay etc please contact them via WhatsApp or you can complete the online form on the following link;

What does "Pay on Exit" mean?

ANPR cameras record your vehicle registration number on entry and exit to identify your parking duration. Payment for your parking session is required before leaving the car park to avoid the Parking Charge Notice.

What can you do if you forget to pay on exit?

You have until midnight the following night to pay for your parking session. To pay after you've exited the car park, download the YourParkingSpace app and enter location ID code 11613. Follow the prompts to complete payment.

What is AutoPay?

AutoPay is an automatic billing system. Our car park cameras detect your vehicle on entry and exit to calculate the duration. When you exit, your payment card on file is charged automatically.